Useful Tips About How To do Data Recovery of Deleted Files Easily in Virtualization

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Did you ever find yourself in the trouble where you did lose all your important data on the PC hard drive? Did you lose all the hopes to recover deleted files? Well, wait! Recovering the deleted files is possible now! Read out this page article and we would let you explain out with some of the helpful guidelines about how to recover the deleted files easily from the PC or the memory card or even from USB device!

As you do feel that you have lost all your important files, the very first thing you should do is to stop yourself from using your computer. This will help out the deleted files to get protective from the data recovery. To know how it can work follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • As you will make the right click on the file and then press the delete button, the system will be hiding all the data by the way of removing off the file directory. And at the end, it will mark the free space to be used.
  • But as you would keep on using the latest fresh data, this will mark the arrival of the new data and will remove off the previous old deleted files. This will make you left out with the little chances of getting it back again.

Simple and Three Possible Ways To Recover Deleted Files:

Method No 1:

In the first method, we will let you know that how to recover deleted files from the windows recycle bin.  If you have deleted any file, then instantly it would be left into the recycle bin. If you have not yet made the recycle bin empty, then you can retrieve back the files from the recycle bin. This will bring your deleted files to the desired location.

Method No 2:

This second method is about the recovering of the older version of the deleted file or the file that has been lost. For this method, you will be clicking on the Start button and then click on Computer. This will make you navigate to the folder that has been added to the file or folder and then right-clicks it. After it, you have to click Restore previous versions. At the end, you have to click Restore so that you can easily recover deleted files back.

Method No 3:

You can easily get the recovery of the detailed files through the use of data recovery software as well. For this purpose, you have to use the EaseUS data recovery software and then select the disk partition or storage location after it you have to click “Scan”. This will give the program with the permission to scan the lost file on the disk. As it scans the file which you have lost just click “Recover” to restore them from PC, or the hard disk, memory card or other USB devices.


Well, the methods to recover deleted files which we have presented for you are quite simple and easy to follow up through which you can get back your lost file in a matter of just a few minutes. Try it now!To know more about Click here.