Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Vintage Birdcage

Getting a vintage birdcage is no doubt a tough job. The birds are difficult to please. They need to be entertained and they love attention. This attention is very important in order to make it live longer. You could also get a Parrot Travel Cage for traveling; they are way much comfortable and easy to transfer.

  • There are a few fundamental points that you need to consider before getting a vintage birdcage. Usually, people omit certain factors which are very important considering the health of the birds. The vintage bird cages most of the time are painted in order to make them look precious. These paints, however, are composed of different components that are not only dangerous but they are also quite hazardous in nature. The birds have a habit of chewing on stuff. If they chew on the space birds, they will ingest the different components that are present in it.
  • Get the cage that has a removable drawer. This will enable the owner to easily clean the cage daily. Birds create a lot of mess regardless of their size. Hence, the cages are required to be cleaned all the time. It is important as it would prevent the growth of a lot of germs that might be present otherwise. It is also important as it is crucial for the health of the bird as well. Moreover, if you will not clean your cage it would start developing a very bad smell especially if the cage is kept indoors.
  • The base of the vintage bird cage must be wisely selected. You can choose whatever seems feasible and easy. You can go for a plastic base or a metal base as well.
  • The bar spacing is a very important thing to consider as well. You must go for large spacing if the bird is quite big. However, it must never be too big considering the fact that these birds have big beaks that can chew on stuff. Therefore, they can escape if the spacing is not properly chosen.
  • You need to make sure that the cage does not have any sharp ends. These sharp ends might physically hurt the bird. This is important considering their health. The cage must have soft corners and more preferably it must be round.
  • The biggest importance of having a vintage birdcage is that it is beautiful looking. If you want to travel somewhere you can take it as it is without getting a new cage, particularly for traveling purposes.

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