Basketball Fan, Get Nba 2k17 apk

If you are a basketball lover and looking for the online basketball game, NBA 2k has brought a revolution for you with its 18th installation. National basketball association is abbreviated as NBA which is an all men basketball team of New York City and the idea of NBA 2k is derived from it.

It is a video game available for Android, iOS and play stations. You can get NBA 2k17 apk on your mobile phones, laptop or other platforms to play in your free time if you are a basketball freak. It can be downloaded for free.

How did it start?

The NBA 2k series includes a series of basketball games which are played online, it was first released in 1999 and since then, every year the latest upgrade is released. This game was appreciated globally and it has been the unstoppable success in the making. You can get nba 2k17 apk in your android phones. Jellybean, kit Kat, Lollipop and Android Marshmallow all these versions support this game.

Amazing features of nba2k17

  1. It has a league expansion feature. The league can be increased from 30 to 36 teams. These teams can be customized by gamer by making logos for the team. The app will also give access to create jerseys for the team.
  2. The prelude which is a feature of this upgraded version will give the player a chance to make a basketball star from high school and show his journey from there to a professional level and can resume from where he left, later without a hassle. It is a demo game.
  3. It has a rating feature where you can rate your favorite player of the real world and he can be an online hero as well.
  4. Coach assistance is another great feature of this game where you can get guidance from the coach and this game has tutorials features in it.
  5. It has better facial integration and let the gamer digitalize the faces of players in the camera. It has been upgraded and has better camera utilities than earlier ones.
  6. Players can create and edit their own stories in it, about the history and the experience of themselves playing the game.

This upgraded 18th installment has been appreciated widely and has been reviewed as one of the best games to date. It is a blessing for basketball lovers and players and can make you win money and pride. It can be downloaded easily from play store and that too, for free.