All About Deep Tissue Massage Brandon Fl In A Nutshell

The value of a good massage is best known by the athletes training themselves daily or someone going through an extended recovery period after an injury. One of the newer and quite popular strands of massage has emerged to be deep tissue massage brandon fl.

What exactly it is?

The way that a deep tissue massage essentially works is through manipulation of the deepest layers of tissue of the body, with emphasis laid on fascia and other different supportive tissue that forms the muscles and joints. It is usually characterized to be slower and firmer than regular massages.

When you go for a deep tissue massage, you will be asked to lay on your stomach or back. Now the masseuse will apply deep pressure to specific areas to provide relief. By stimulating blood flow and relieving tension built-up in the muscles, the psychological stress of your mind also diminishes and release of serotonin and oxytocin – the happiness hormones also gets facilitated, which really helps you to relax. There are multiple benefits of Massage Brandon.

Here are some of them:

  • Alleviates chronic back pain

It has been found according to a study to compare the effects of therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage (DTM) on treating chronic pain in the back that deep tissue massage is much more effective in alleviating back pain over similar application and duration in patients.

This study has also been published in Health Technology and Informatics. And the findings of this study have been corroborated in multiple studies.

  • Helps in reducing blood pressure

A study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. It was concluded in that study that deep tissue massage reduces significantly systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure readings for adults suffering from pain and high blood pressure.

The sample space of the study was 263 adults with a mean age of 48.5.

  • Lowers down Stress, Anxiety, and Tension in muscles

Stress accumulated over a long period of time can give rise to inflammation, which in turn can worsen your health, prolong recovery time from basic injuries, damage immunity and lead to various cardiovascular disease such as high B.P. The cortisol levels are reduced significantly and the production of oxytocin shoots up due to deep tissue massage as corroborated by various scientific studies.

Other benefits of deep tissue massage include evidence for relief in labor pain, evidence of a reduction in pain due to arthritis and decreased recovery time from muscle injuries.