Basketball Fan, Get Nba 2k17 apk

If you are a basketball lover and looking for the online basketball game, NBA 2k has brought a revolution for you with its 18th installation. National basketball association is abbreviated as NBA which is an all men basketball team of New York City and the idea of NBA 2k is derived from it.

It is a video game available for Android, iOS and play stations. You can get NBA 2k17 apk on your mobile phones, laptop or other platforms to play in your free time if you are a basketball freak. It can be downloaded for free.

How did it start?

The NBA 2k series includes a series of basketball games which are played online, it was first released in 1999 and since then, every year the latest upgrade is released. This game was appreciated globally and it has been the unstoppable success in the making. You can get nba 2k17 apk in your android phones. Jellybean, kit Kat, Lollipop and Android Marshmallow all these versions support this game.

Amazing features of nba2k17

  1. It has a league expansion feature. The league can be increased from 30 to 36 teams. These teams can be customized by gamer by making logos for the team. The app will also give access to create jerseys for the team.
  2. The prelude which is a feature of this upgraded version will give the player a chance to make a basketball star from high school and show his journey from there to a professional level and can resume from where he left, later without a hassle. It is a demo game.
  3. It has a rating feature where you can rate your favorite player of the real world and he can be an online hero as well.
  4. Coach assistance is another great feature of this game where you can get guidance from the coach and this game has tutorials features in it.
  5. It has better facial integration and let the gamer digitalize the faces of players in the camera. It has been upgraded and has better camera utilities than earlier ones.
  6. Players can create and edit their own stories in it, about the history and the experience of themselves playing the game.

This upgraded 18th installment has been appreciated widely and has been reviewed as one of the best games to date. It is a blessing for basketball lovers and players and can make you win money and pride. It can be downloaded easily from play store and that too, for free.


Importance of Female Education

Education is real rehabilitation. Education means to get knowledge about anything. Education is the basic source to reach Allah without education nobody can recognize the creature of the word Allah. Education develops our minds and when minds are developed society will develop and when society develops, the country will be developed.

According to the teaching of Islam education is the first priority to reach success for both males and females. The role of women in a society is very important for the development. In the era of (PBUH) women always participate in wars. Those who were educated they preach well the teachings of Islam.

From child to other stages of life, the role of women is unforgettable. In wars, women’s fought with bravery. Though during this era society is not providing equal rights to women’s always play a vital role in the society as in 1st Islamic state Madina, the role of women is clear. They work and struggle in every situation by the shoulder to shoulder with men.

During the struggle of independence of Pakistan Women’s fight and come at the front for the sake of their country. These all-important roles played by them are due to the awareness and education. They understand and come forward. Islam always highlighted that give respect and importance to your women.

Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use. Without education, nobody can find out the purpose of their life and also the right path in which he/she can spend a better life according to the teaching of Islam. Quran Teaching help parents to teach their children the core essence of Islam and to make them familiar with laws , principles and rules of life.

Reasons for getting the education

1- Education makes the man able to thinks right. Without education, one cannot differentiate about right and wrong. He cannot think logically education helps that individual to think and process effectively and functionally.

2- The second reason is that education is a process of transmission, it will transfer from one person to the whole community and this will eventually bring a positive change on a societal personal, social and national level.

Both modern and Islamic education is necessary to groom a child’s personality and brain. Even the first verse that was revealed by Allah was “Iqra” which mean, read.” Read with the name of Allah who is merciful and kind”

Today some people are against the women education but they ignore Prophet P.B.U.H saying “Education is necessary for both male and females. Prophet (PBUH) said: one who looks after and educated three women he will go directly to the Jannah. To overcome this issue there are many female Quran tutors that teaches the female child online. This way is more secure and reliable.

As education is the cause of mental, physical and character development so an educated woman do this quite easily because she is the pillar of the society. One will never demand female teachers for their children education if he has educated female at home. It is not only beneficial for your own home or society at the national and state level a vital role will appear.


The role of a female in society is very important. An educated women will not only provide comfort to her family abut also nourishes her children mind. As mother’s lap is the first learning institution of the child so the educated women will make hat period a productive educational period. When female get the education and reach towards a good designation and status, automatically they develop confidence that makes them more valuable to the country.





Business Management Tips Interesting Reading Plus Answer Keys

Have you been in search of some of the best and easy to follow up business management tips in Urdu and English? Well, managing the business do comes out to be a difficult task for some of the people if they are a beginner and are specifically not having enough knowledge about how they should set up the business. Just for the beginners, here we are coming out with the complete guideline reading plus answer keys as how you should be setting and managing your business in an appropriate way.

Important and Easy Business Management Tips:

Tip No 1: Get Clear and Under-standable Know How:

First of all it is important that you should be having a clear know how about what your business is all about. If you are not aware about the roots of your business by your own self then how come you would be able to follow certain tips. In simple, getting this understanding is important as in order to come up with some marketing and administration to grease the wheels of your company. If you are setting a food business, then do consider to learn about different types of dishes and category of foods that are famous among people these days.

Tip No 2: Hiring of Right Talented People:

If you do feel that you are lacking in marketing knowledge and so as the expertise then it is important to prepare yourself to hire the right team of professionals. This will even open a doorway for the new professionals to be the part of company that offer them a chance to enhance their skills and talent. But remember, never hire your friends. It is much obvious in so many companies that hiring of the friends is common but by doing so you are destroying your company set up by your own hands.

Tip No 3: Planning Strategy is Important:

In order to run the business on the successful mediums, it is important to take into account with some planning stratgy as well. This is an important point to consider out. You need to plan all the steps from beginning till the end and then come up with the decisions which you want to carry out with. Always consult your staff while planning any sort of strategy.

Tip No 4: Never do Constant Hiring or Employee Promotion:

Promoting employee promotion is a good step. But encouraging them all the time is not a good move at all. It is not a good idea to categorically hire from within.  At some point of business stage, you need to make them learn that they are making some mistake and hence they need to improve their skill set as early as possible.

So these have been some of the important and immediate reading plus answer keys which you need to carry out in your business management. They are simple to follow but they definitely require your alert and careful nature as well. Follow them all carefully!