Top notch heart touching love quotes:

Love is a basic part of the development of human beings, so every so often it has a place in A Better Universe. Love is perhaps the fundamental ingredient of life, it accompanies us from birth and with luck until we leave this world. It is our greatest emotional food. That is why today we want you to accompany us with wonderful love phrases so that we can reflect on the love that flits around us.

Heart touching love quotes- what are they?

Love is perhaps the sweetest feeling we can enjoy in our life. It is that state in which we want or not our reality changes, our happiness goes up, and we see life with intensity, with another color. But when the lack of love makes an appearance it can fall to the biggest of our emotional pits, when the love disappears that sweetness is transformed into bitterness and despair.

To love is to be vulnerable; it is to embrace a world of extremes where nothing is impartial. To want is to go into contradictions and accept them, and yet it is also to live fully. In love, we do not seek to obtain something but to give our whole being. Sometimes it’s difficult, right? Never complain about anyone, and look inside yourself.

Love is sometimes the red thread of destiny that embraces and surrounds us in our entire being. Without love, existing would not be worth it. Never give up! Have a look to the heart touching love quotes.

Heart touching love quotes:

Believe in you, in all the love you have inside. Below you have an intimate and personal selection that I hope will cherish your whole being as it did with me.

# 1 Butterfly of my dream, you look like my soul, and you look like the word melancholy.

# 2 I love your feet because they walked on the earth and on the wind and on the water until they found me.

# 3 Love is so short and forgetting is so long.

# 4 I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees

# 5 They can cut all the flowers, but they cannot stop the spring.

# 6 How much it will hurt to get used to me.

# 7 Tears that do not cry, do you wait in small lakes? Or will they be invisible rivers that run towards sadness?

# 8 Under your skin lives the moon.

# 9 Love, how many ways to get to a kiss, what a lonely wandering to your company!

# 10 In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept quiet.

# 11 When we leave with someone, we can live complicate moments. But a new and exciting life awaits us if we know how to see the good side.

#12 Everything was from others and from nobody until your beauty and your poverty filled the autumn with gifts.

# 13 Why all love will come to me suddenly when I feel sad, and I feel you far away …